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TY Pinky Owl Squishy Beanie Clip

Introducing TY Pinky Owl Squishy Beanie Clip! It’s perfect for kids who want a cuddly companion. With its soft and squishy design, it's an irresistible huggable friend that comes in a fun owl-shaped beanie. Pinky Owl is cotton-filled, making it perfect to take on any adventure!

Pinky Owl has bright eyes so you can see far away at night. And its special clip attachment allows you to attach your Pinky Owl onto your favorite bag or belt loop - letting your new pal go with you wherever life takes you. Whether you’re soaring high up in the trees or snuggling up on the couch, your Pinky brings smiles and comfort all around!

For kids looking for a snuggly buddy who follows them everywhere, get your very own TY Pinky Owl Squishy Beanie Clip today. Let the adventures begin!
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