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minecraft earth boost mini

Minecraft Earth - Boost Mini Smelting Blaze

About Minecraft Earth Boost Minis What are Minecraft Earth Boost Minis? 

Minecraft Earth Boost Minis are a new line of Mattel Mini Figures designed by our friends at Mattel specifically for Minecraft Earth. Each Boost Mini figure will grant you a specific Level 1 Boost by scanning the figure on your device.  

Will Minecraft Earth Boost Minis work on any device? 

Minecraft Earth Boost Minis will work with any iOS or Android device that has NFC and can run Minecraft Earth. On iOS, that is iPhone 6 and greater. To check an Android device, go to settings, connected devices, connection preferences and see if NFC is listed in the preferences. 

Will Boost activated by a Minecraft Earth Boost Mini only work once? 

A Boost enabled by a Minecraft Earth Boost Mini figure can be used as many times as you like, but there is a 24-hour cooldown period after each use. You can have up to 5 Boosts active at a time. 

Can I use two Minecraft Earth Boost Minis that have the same Boost? 

Yes. If you activate two Minecraft Earth Boost Minis that have the same Boost at the same time, the length of the duration of the Boost will be doubled. You can also activate the Boost Minis at different times, in which case the 24-hour cooldown period will apply separately to each Boost Mini. 

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