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Summer Holiday Boredom Busters

Week three into the summer holidays and, no doubt, we have all heard 'i'm bored' at least a dozen times. Well, since discovering 'Cabo' we have spent most evenings playing cards until well-past bedtime.

Cabo is a game of skill, concentration and memory.....

The aim of the game is to finish on as few points as possible.

Start with four cards each and arrange them into a square. You are only allowed to look at the front two cards - try and remember them. 

Each player takes it in turns picking a card from the pile. Each card has different qualities.

A = 1

2 = 2

3 = 3

4 = 4

5 = 5

6 = 6

7 = You can look at one of your cards

8 = You can look at two of your own cards

9 = You can look at one card from the opposition

10 = You can look at two cards from the opposition

J = Swap one card with an opponent (no looking)

Q - Swap two cards with opponents (no looking)

Black K = Swap one card with an opponent (you can look this time)

Red K - 0 points

Joker = -1 point

When you have (or at least think you have) a low-scoring hand, at your next turn, call Cabo. You are now not allowed to make any moves. Each player takes another turn and, when it comes back to your turn, every player reveals their hand. The lowest scoring hand wins. Remember that if you call Cabo, players can still swap their cards with yours!

You can also 'lose' cards by placing them on the deck if they are the same. E.g. if someone puts down an 8 and you know that you have one, you can put it on top. If you know that someone else has an 8, you can take theirs and add it to the pile then give that player one of your own cards. However, if you pick up the wrong card to add to the pile, you have to take back that card and you have to take another card from the pack too. Only one card can be put on the pile. If two players have put a card down, only the first on the pile is allowed. The second player must keep their card.

If you manage to lose all of your cards, call Cabo and wait until it comes back to you before players reveal their cards. 

If you call 'Cabo' and your final score is the same as another players, they win.

We have played this game for hours and we love it. Give it a try!

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