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TY Muffin Licensed Squishy Beany - 35cm

Whether it's time to play or you just want to take a nap. Muffin can be with you because she can fit right in your lap. With her pink little nose and whiskers, she smiles as if to say, Let's get a little closer and we can snuggle up that way. A kitty as a Squish-A-Boo in black and pink and white, makes the perfect cozy friend in the day or late at night.

Say Hello to Muffin Squishy Beany! This 35cm squishy is here to fill your heart and home with love, laughter, and happiness—and possibly a few hugs!

Muffin Squishy Beany is made of the softest materials imaginable so you can have a comfortable cuddle buddy at any time. 

Approximately 35cm long

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