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A fun activity for a weekend

Blog attempt no 2!

We've decided to make some simple and fun DIY spinners.  These are so easy to make.  All you need is:

- A piece of card (white is best but any colour will do)
- Felt tip pens or pencils
- A cup to trace around (or a compass, or anything round!)
- A pair of scissors
- Some string

Step 1 - Simply take a pencil and draw a circle around the base of the cup onto the card.  

Step 2 - Cut it out.  You will need two circles of card per spinner.

Step 3 - Colour in the circle any way that you want!


Step 4 - Make two holes in the middle of the circle using the scissors and thread the string through

Step 5 - Thread string through the centre of the spinner

Step 6 - twirl the string until tightly wound and then let it go... 

Easy-peasy fun

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