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Easter paper animals

Easter is on its way, and how better to decorate your Easter table than with these sweet paper animals? You could even use them as place settings by writing your guests’ names on them.

Amelia had fun with these - and they are so simple, she didn’t just make one…she made lots!

What you’ll need:

You don’t need much for this craft: you may have most of the items at home already. The rest can be bought from art shops, or from a supermarket’s craft section.

Coloured paper: You can choose any colour you like: Amelia went for soft pastel colours, but go bright if you prefer!



Eye Stickers: If you can’t find stickers with eyes on them, you can draw eyes on to paper or card, colour them, cut them out and stick them on instead.

You’ll also need a pen!

To make your paper Easter animal:

  1. Cut out four long strips of coloured paper, and four short strips (Amelia cut along the length of an A4-sized piece of paper for the long strips, and along the width of an A4-sized piece for the short ones.)
  2. Glue two of the long strips together in the middle, so you make a cross.
  3. Make another cross with the remaining two long strips. Then glue that one on top of the first cross, so that it makes a snowflake shape.  

    Do the same again with the short strips of paper, so you end up with two snowflake shapes of different sizes.

  4. Take the shape with the long strips: glue the end of one strip to the end of the one opposite, forming a loop. Then glue the end of every other strip to the top of the first loop, until you end up with a ball shape.  Now do the same with the short strips! You should now have a large paper ball, and a smaller one.
  5. Glue the small paper ball on top of the larger one. You might need to hold them in place for a while, to make sure they stick together.

    6.  Draw and cut two ear shapes from your coloured paper. Amelia cut tall ears for her rabbit, and then cut the same shape, but smaller, in a different colour to stick onto them, to make them even more colourful.  You could do pointy ones for cats, or floppy ones for dogs - be creative!

    7.  Amelia then cut out an oval nose shape from the same paper, and a small square from the white paper.  On the white square, she drew a line down the middle, to look like teeth.

(You can change this bit to fit the animal you’ve chosen - a round nose for a pig, or a beak for a bird!)

Glue the ears, nose and teeth onto your paper animal. Add your sticker eyes. Now you’re done!


Amelia says “If I had to sum this craft up in one word, I would choose ‘creative’. My brother Jake and I had fun making the animals, and I think others will too, as they are so easy. These decorations are really cool and your finished bunny will make you ‘jump’ for joy!”

Amelia and Jake made a bunny, a bird and a bear: what other animals could you make? We’d love to see how creative you can be: show us by posting a picture on Facebook or Instagram, and tagging us in!

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