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Lava Lamp Project - half term fun!

The grey and chilly days of winter can sometimes leave you feeling a bit gloomy, so we thought you might like a bright and cheerful craft activity to do this month!

Amelia’s lava lamp project is so easy to do, but looks amazing - and will add a funky glow to any room in your house!

What you will need:

You might already have lots of these things in your kitchen! If not, they can be bought from a supermarket.



To make your lava lamp:

  1. Add six teaspoonfuls of bicarbonate of soda to your bottle
  2. Fill two-thirds of the bottle with vegetable oil. Pour it in slowly, to make sure it sits on top of the bicarbonate of soda, and doesn’t mix in with it.

  3. In the mug, add a splash of vinegar and three drops of food colouring. If you have extra bottles, you could try mixing different food colourings to see what other colour lamps you can make!
  4. Now, slowly add your vinegar and food colouring to your plastic bottle - what is starting to happen?
  5. Your coloured bubbles should now be moving around!

  1. Now it’s time to light it up! This will look much better if you do it when it’s dark outside. Close the curtains, turn off all the lights in the room, and put a torch underneath your bottle (don’t forget that most smartphones also have a torch app!).

    Amelia was impressed by how great her lamp looked. She told us:

    “It’s a super-fun craft and it looks awesome in the dark, when it glows. I loved making it with my dad, and I’m sure other children will love it just as much!”

     What colour lava lamp would you like? If you make one, please show us by posting a picture on Facebook orInstagram, and tagging us in!

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