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DIY Slime Kit

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I had a friend come and visit with her eight year old and, while trying to catch up and drink a cuppa while it was still hot, we needed to find something to keep her (and a 13 year old) entertained!

I dug out our Slime Factory Kit.......

The kit has everything needed to make two different slimes - just add a bowl for mixing and I also put down a cloth to protect my table from staining as we used food colouring.

The first method used guar gum and warm water mixed together making a slimy ball

You can also add food colouring to brighten it up

Our second method used cornflour and water - I used one of the cornflour bags to mix this together - mess free!

Isobel loved the slime so much, she took it with her for the train ride home!

See our slime kit here:




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