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Our top 5 tips for relieving exam stress!

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It’s that time of year again (cue the groans). Although SATS are finally over (phew), there are lots of end-of-year exams just around the corner and GCSE’s are in full flow. And whilst we can’t take those exams away (sorry kids) we’re here to help with a few of our own tips for helping reduce those exam anxieties.

Sleep well & unwind

Okay so it’s easier said than done we know, particularly as their minds are going to be buzzing with all sorts of ‘facts and figures’ but we all know that sleep makes us feel SO much better.

 So please, please, please make sure your children get an early night.

 Encourage them to switch off their phones/TV at least an hour before going to bed & do something to rest their minds. Whether that’s meditating, talking through their worries with you or simply listening to music, they must take some time to unwind.

Check out the wonderful Calm App for tips on meditation or subscribe to Teen Breathe for some fabulous relaxation tips for older children.

Eat & Drink well

 Whilst children would generally prefer to snack on all sorts of sugary items (well mine definitely would), it is much better to stick to healthier options if you want your child to sleep well and to avoid anxiety symptoms becoming exacerbated. 

Try chopping up lots of fruit & vegetables and pop them in to bowls in order to stop your kids (and you) from ‘picking’. Give it a try, particularly during exam time.



 No one can study 24 hours a day and exercise is so good for promoting a healthy mind. Of course if your children’s activities occur every evening, you might need to scale that back a bit during exam times, but regular daily exercise is so important.

 Send them out for a daily bounce on the trampoline, take them out to walk the dog OR if they’re really worried about being away from the books, why not accompany them on a 30-minute walk whilst they listen to a revision podcast?

 Concentration Aids

 Our range of concentration aids are great at helping to relieve the need to fidget and are perfect for helping to avoid stress and anxiety in kids.  They can generally fit in their pocket and don’t make a sound, making them a great option for the classroom or learning environment. Make sure your children’s School allows them of course and if not, they’re just as useful when studying at home.

 In addition, if your child struggles to sit still and stay focused whilst working at home, our wobble cushions might be the answer.

 Make some slime

 I know we’ve spoken a lot about slime lately but it really has been a godsend in our household. Not only does it occupy the kids for hours it is actually pretty therapeutic. Once you get the recipe sorted, it’s not as messy as you might think and it is so calming to play with. Check out our previous blog or buy ready-made slime from our website here.

It’s a perfect activity to do together and might even allow time for your kids to open up about any stresses they may have.

Here’s wishing all your children good luck with any of their upcoming tests & exams. Summer is just around the corner we promise!



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