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Sharing ideas! Some simple, fun and outdoor sensory activities to try with your kids this half term

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Half term is almost upon us and if you are anything like us you are trying to think of some fun and entertaining (and not too expensive!) ideas that involve fresh air and provide a break from technology! 

Here, our guest writer, Rachel from family footwear retailer Charles Clinkard, shares four sensory outdoor activities that are fun for the whole family: 

This past year has been especially hard on children. Being cooped up for months without knowing when things will get back to normal is a lot for a young mind to process. So this year, we need to work even harder to protect the wellbeing of our little ones.

A great way to do this is by getting into nature and helping children explore the world with their senses. Not only are sensory activities fun for all the family, but they’re vital for healthy brain development. Give the following four activities a go this half term to keep your kids healthy and happy:

1.  Grow your own grub

Even the fussiest of eaters will enjoy this activity. Giving kids this control over their own food will make them feel grown up and teach them responsibility. They’ll also learn the importance of patience from the growing process, which will help them appreciate the time and effort that goes into every ingredient on their plate.

So, get your wellies on and get stuck in! Opt for brightly coloured fruit and veg — such as carrots, tomatoes, and strawberries — to make the most of this sensory experience. And don’t be afraid to let them get dirty, as this is part of the fun!

2.  Go on a 'wildlife walk'

Turning your nature walk into a scavenger hunt allows your child to explore using their senses. Work together to find brightly coloured flowers and listen out for the local wildlife. Here are some things to look out for this season: 

  • Daisies and buttercups
  • Dandelion clocks
  • Woodpigeons and robins
  • Bees, spiders, and ants

As well encouraging your child to explore, you can use this opportunity to teach them more about wildlife and biology. Create a list of fun facts about the wildlife you expect to see to keep them entertained and curious. And make sure everyone is wearing a pair of comfy walking boots to stop blisters from ruining your day!

3.  Get messy in a mud kitchen

Encourage your child to get their hands dirty by getting stuck into some mud. A mud kitchen is a pretend outdoor cooking set that comes with a sink, hob, oven, and utensils. They encourage your little one to explore the outdoors with their hands, and they can teach them a lot too!

Mud kitchens can spark creativity — that pile of dirt can be anything from a bowl of soup to a roast dinner! Encourage them to write up a menu for the tasty treats they have on offer so that they can practise their spelling. Don’t forget to measure out the ingredients too, as this is a great way to help them with their numeracy skills. To minimise the mess, dress everyone in their old clothes — and don’t forget the wellies!

4. Camp in the garden

Not all outdoor activities need to be done in the daytime. Why not pitch a tent and spend a night under the stars with the whole family? Do some stargazing, teach the kids about space, and see if you can spot any constellations. And make sure to keep an eye out for nocturnal animals, like owls, hedgehogs, and bats.

Although the days are getting warmer, temperatures can quickly drop overnight. Remember to bring plenty of fluffy blankets and comfy slippers to make your night nice and cosy.

Looking for more fun and educational activities for your kids? Make sure to check out all the arts and crafts that Great Little Rewards has to offer!

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